About Us

Hello! We are Atomic Avocado Designs® LLC, a small, family owned business located in Phoenix, Arizona, specializing in Mid Century Modern curb appeal and retro-stylized designs.

I’m Holly, the designer and manager of Atomic Avocado. I was a funeral director for over 20 years before I left my career to pursue my dream of designing. As a lifelong "mid century modern" enthusiast, I had a vision of what type of curb appeal I would like for my own home. I began by creating one orange mailbox for the front porch, which was both functional and aesthetically pleasing, emphasizing the mid-century vibe that we have always loved. Not long after that, I designed and made a retro-modern “Welcome” sign to go with it. These designs quickly gained interest from others who share the same passion for MCM design. Ever since then, our customer base has grown exponentially, allowing me to operate the shop full-time. Dawn, and our son, Luke, help by offering design input, along with packing and shipping “muscle”. Together, we are able to create high quality designs that are personalized just for you and your home.

Thank you for shopping with us! By supporting a small business, you support a dream, a family and so much more! 🥑 ✨